We're Wheeling And We're Dealing

Steve Coppell has denied that the club are on the verge of signing Armstrong from Ipswich, but the Royals are likely to bring new blood into the squad in the near future.

Royals Chief Executive Nigel Howe has admitted that Coppell wants to bring in two to three new players to strenghten the relatively thin Reading squad. A left-winger is believed to be top of the priority list whilst the club are also thought to be chasing a striker and a reserve goalkeeper.

Speaking to the official site, Howe acknowledged that the Royals are scouring the transfer market at the moment.

"We're looking at two or three positions in terms of where to strengthen. A striker is not one of our main priorities," he explained.

However, the Royals do not appear to have much cash to splash so any signings are likely to be on loan deals if they are not from lower division clubs.

Steve Coppell recently went to watch Ipswich reserves play Fulham, but, according to the Reading boss, this does not mean the club are looking to sign Alun Armstrong as has been suggested.

"It's absolute rubbish," he fumed.

Ginger-haired Armstrong who once scored a winner for the Tractor Boys against Inter Milan, would certainly be within the price bracket that the Royals are looking at.

But Coppell was having none of it. Speaking to the official site he added: "Somebody gave me a phone call asking if I was going to sign such-and-such a player and it couldn't be further from the truth. If I'm seen at a game now then people jump to conclusions and assume I am looking specifically at one player,"

Whilst the rumours linking the Royals with a striker rumble on, the club have confirmed that trialist Dean Morgan will spend a second week at the club on trial.

The 20-year-old ex-Colchester United man is to be given a second week to prove he is worthy of a contract as injury has prevented him from playing a full part in precedings during the past few days.

Reading have just two left-wingers and one of then, Nathan Tyson, could be on his way out so there is certainly a requirement for a left-flank player such as Morgan. Indeed, the youngster has already set his sights on a contract.

He admitted: "If everything goes well I will be looking to secure a contract. Steve Coppell invited me along, and I was only initially training with the lads this week."