Upson: Hahnemann's Unique

Matthew Upson
Upson has been impressed by Hahnemann
The Royals defence has not allowed anything through it in recent weeks, conceding just three goals in the last seven matches.

Matthew Upson has been a rock in the centre of the backline whilst goalkeeper Marcus Hahnemann has pulled off some superb stops.

Upson, who is mid-way through a three month loan spell, has clearly been impressed by the bald-headed shotstopper behind him. However, he admits the American is one of the strangest characters he has ever played with.

Speaking about Hahnemann, the 23-year-old said to "He's interesting! I've never played with anyone quite like him!

"He's got a different footballing background and he brings that to the game. He gets side on and has a lot of shape when he kicks. He brings his American football to the training ground sometimes!

"He has a lot of good assets, he's excellent on distribution and his goalkeeping is superb. Physically, he has no fear, he's not afraid of smashing anyone. He's been a big part of this run."