Stephen Hunt: 'I did not attempt to injure Petr'

Cech is tended to seconds after the knock from Stephen Hunt
"I can guarantee that I did not attempt to injure Petr, and I am very upset that the collision has resulted in such a bad injury.

"It was very early on in the game. I just thought I could win the ball and went in for it and our momentum took us into each other.

"I'm an honest player and give 100% and all my team-mates and ex-team-mates and managers I've worked under say 'the boy works hard and he's honest and gives everything he's got'.

"When Petr slid in to collect the ball, our momentum meant that a collision was unavoidable.

"I think the TV pictures show that the collision was a complete accident, and I'd like to think that my team-mates and opponents throughout my career in football would say that I'm not the kind of person to deliberately hurt an opponent.

"Serious injury is the worst part of football and I feel terribly sorry for Petr. I have written to him to wish him a full recovery. Hopefully, his family and friends are with him."

Reading FC have backed Hunt and they have issued their own statement via

"Reading Football Club has strongly defended Stephen Hunt following allegations that he deliberately injured Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech during Saturday's game at Madejski Stadium.

"We reiterate Steve Coppell and Stephen Hunt's post-match comments that there was absolutely no intent to injure Petr.

"We firmly believe that the collision was an unavoidable accident, a view which is supported virtually without exception by independent media observers.

"We respect the right of Chelsea to ask the FA to review the incident, and we would fully co-operate with any inquiry that may take place. We have nothing to hide and believe that all the evidence fully vindicates Stephen Hunt.

"We would also like to send our sincere wishes to Petr Cech for a full and speedy recovery."