Sonko turns down Senegal call up

Ibrahima Sonko has turned down another invite to play for Senegal.

He says he wants to be fit to face Middlesbrough but he is also eligable to play for France so he may be hoping to get a call up for the French team if he has a good season, rather than playing for the Senegalese?

"I won't be going, it's just before the start of the season. My ankle is still a little sore from playing on it last season, and I don't want to risk it."

Ibrahima is yet to play for Senegal in an official game, and as a result he is still eligible to play for the French national team.

He said, "I can still play for France but I'm not thinking about that. For now, only Senegal have shown an interest and I respect that.

"They've been interested in me for three years and the least I can do is show them full respect."