Robinson: It wasn't a goal

By Angus Muller
Last updated : 08 January 2008
Robinson caught the ball and, arms outtstretched, believed he kept it from crossing the line. The ball was judged by the linesman to have crossed the line and the goal was given.

Robinson thinks video technology would have backed him.

"For me personally I have been in favour of video replays for some time now," Robinson said. "For a split second or 30 seconds or whatever it would have taken you could have sorted that out."

With Saturday's FA Cup clash finishing 2-2, the opener did not cost Spurs the match, although that was little consolation to Robinson.

"You look at it and it's not a goal," he said.

"I just cannot see how you could possibly give a goal.

"I have seen it on the TV eight or nine times and there is no one angle where you could clearly say 'yes it's in'."

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