Reading respond to Mourino's claims

Mourino said

"My goalkeeper was 30 minutes in the dressing room after my doctor called for an urgent ambulance, and he had to go in a wheelchair in a lift.

"I'd like someone to tell me why my goalkeeper had to be for 30 minutes in a dressing room waiting for an ambulance."

This statement contains very serious factual inaccuracies.

The factual timeline of the afternoon's events were as follows:

17.16 The collision between Petr Cech and Stephen Hunt occurred and treatment was provided on the pitch.

17.21 Petr Cech was taken into the dressing room on a stretcher. Chelsea Football Club's medical staff were in charge of the treatment provided to Cech. At first, they decided that it was not necessary to call an ambulance.

17.40 Cech's condition deteriorated and the Chelsea doctor called for assistance which was immediately raised from the stadium medical control.

17.45 After a brief inspection of Cech, the paramedics called for an ambulance.

17.52 The ambulance arrived at the players' entrance.

18.04 The ambulance departed Madejski Stadium.

18.11 The ambulance arrived at the Royal Berkshire Hospital.

Petr Cech was taken to the ambulance in a medical chair via a lift, but this was not a necessity. Another route to the ambulance could have been taken and was offered, which would have allowed Cech to remain on a stretcher (the same route used to take Carlo Cudicini to the ambulance later that afternoon), but Chelsea's medical staff decided against this.