Reading MAD Links Up With

Last updated : 12 July 2002 By Rob Cooper
Burnley based company Footymad have beaten off stiff competition to win the right to the licensing arm of the now defunct company. were a huge internet company that supplied up to the minute news feeds to the Financial Times, Manchester United and AOL. The move will ensure that hits to Footymad networks increase dramatically over the coming months.

Last month the owners of, once the biggest sports website in Europe and a serious rival to the Press Association, pulled the plug on their service enabling businesses to buy off various branches of the business.

The content and syndication arm of, which goes by the name of the European Sports Agency, will compliment Fooymad's current extensive range of football websites, including Reading MAD, nicely.

The new service will ensure that 200 freelance ESA journalists based around Europe will keep their jobs in order for Footymad to sign contracts with newspapers, bookmakers, mobile phone companies and other websites.

David Price, owner of Footymad, commented: "We'll basically be able to offer everything that did previously. The transition will be seamless and we're confident that most existing customers will sign with us because the service was very well respected."

Footymad, established eighteen months ago, are keeping low running costs in what is an unstable time in their market. With companies going bust all around them the owners hope to weather the storm before going onto bigger things.

The network currently isn't a profit making organisation but with the licensing arm under its belt owner David Price hopes to move the firm closer to the black.