Reading MAD Bring You The Error Of The Week - And It's Only Monday!

Last updated : 11 August 2003 By Rob Cooper
The Royals were desperate to force fans to wait until 6pm to hear the identity of their latest summer signing, however an e-mail from the club to supporters accidentally revealed the identity of the latest signing.

Pictured below you can see that the club were trying to get people to sign up to their SMS service by telling those people first. But what's that at the bottom?

"For the first interview with Omar, go to Reading World later!"

It couldn't be that we have signed Jamacian international Omar Daley, who has recently been linked with the club? Could it? Surely not?

We received this e-mail at 4.53pm, well over an hour before the announcement was due to be made!

We're sure the club aren't expecting a rush of new subscribers to their SMS service...

Who could it be?
There's a hint in there somewhere...