Reaction to Saturday's postponement

By Angus Muller
Last updated : 09 January 2007

"I know this is a disappointment for everybody in the stadium," explained Styles.

"But you only had to take one look at the pitch to know it was heavily waterlogged and dangerous for the players.

"A lot of people have paid a lot of money to see the game and playing it in these conditions would have added an element of farce about it.

"It was a difficult and easy decision to make at the same time.

"The first option was to delay kick-off for half an hour, but having checked the weather forecasts and looking at the pitch, it became clear that was not going to be an option.

"Putting it back until 6pm was not an option and that would probably have been the earliest we could have played it.

"The welfare of the players and also that of my colleagues - they are participants in the game as well - is important."

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