Posh turn down Reading request to speak to Ferguson

Last updated : 02 June 2009 By Angus Muller

Peterborough chairman Darragh MacAnthony explained what happeened.

"Reading approached us," MacAnthony told the Peterborough Evening Telegraph. "Barry Fry phoned me and I told him that permission to talk to my manager was not allowed unless they met my valuation.

"They told us that he was one of seven managers they wanted to speak to and they wouldn't meet our valuation and that was the end of the matter.

"Out of politeness we informed the manager of events and that we had turned Reading's request down. He responded by stating that he would like to speak to them and he was told that wasn't going to happen until Reading or anyone else met my valuation.

"The manager can't just decide that he wants to speak to another club in the Championship without permission and when it's only an interview.

"It's a bit like your wife saying to you that she's interested in another man and wants to go on a date. Then the date doesn't go to plan and she wants to come home again.

"I am not one to be bullied into selling our best assets unless it suits us."

Reading have been without a manager since Steve Coppell quit after defeat in the play offs.