Last updated : 02 May 2002 By Rob Cooper
Alan Pardew is allegedly upset at not been given any money to spend on new players this summer, despite the Royals promotion to Division One. The current difficult situation at ITV Digital has meant that the wage bill will have to be slashed if, as expected, the remaining £178.5 million isn't payed to the Football League.

The Royals finished second in the league behind Brighton. Seagulls boss Peter Taylor recently resigned because of a lack of funds for transfers, speculation is rife that Alan Pardew will do the same thing.

Pardew told the Reading Chronicle "Peter Taylor didn't have a chance of putting the infrastructure in place at Brighton because they can't get a new stadium which is why he walked away."

"But on the playing side he was in the same position as I am here and I admit the thought of resignation did cross my mind."

"There is no money; it's as simple as that. As far as I'm concerned our squad is able to cope in Division One, but if we're going to do well one or two of our young players are going to have to come to the fore.

"It looks like we can't bring in any established Division One players either. We're not talking about just a lack of transfer money here. We're also talking about being unable to put Bosmans onto our wage bill because there's no extra cash coming in.

"We're venturing into the unknown and it makes the challenge for me even more daunting but its something I'm looking forward to."

"I have confidence in my ability but I need a commitment from the club as well. I've only got one year left on my contract and we're entering into a season with no money to strengthen the team."

"I need assurances for myself and my family. I'm happy to stay here and I think I've been fairly successful in my time but it would be nice if the club asked me to stay for another two to three years."

"Once discussions open and I finalise things with the club I will have to accept our financial position and get on with it."

"If the board tells me to cut the budget further and lose more players then that's what I will have to do."

"I've been through thick and thin with the fans but I'd like to think we're together now and I hope they understand the situation for me and the club."

"It's going to be extremely difficult for all clubs outside the Premiership. That will go from strength to strength but I thought the writing was on the wall for the Football League as soon as they signed a separate deal."

"We will have the prospect of an increase in attendance and in the old days that's how you got your money. Perhaps we should go back to those days when all you got was the money through the gate, the shop and commercial deals."

But Pards later told I've got absolutely no intention of resigning and I'm upset at the headline that's been attributed to the story. "What I said was that Peter Taylor resigned over a lack of funds and I'm in that same position in terms of funds, but I've got no intention of resigning."

"I'm not in a financial position to resign, everybody thinks the grass is greener on the other side but I'm more of a realist and I'm totally happy here.”