Mourinho on Reading

Chelsea were held at home in their last game. Jose reflects on the 6 game winning streak his team had after the Middlesbrough they lost earlier in the season. He's hoping after the blip against Villa he can take his team on another winning run.

“After we lost to Middlesbrough, we had six consecutive victories,” Mourinho told Chelsea TV.

“After that we dropped points against Aston Villa and now again, if possible, we need a good little period. I am not saying an unbeatable run, beating records of points, but we need not to waste a lot of points.

Reading have a good team,” he warned, “and when these teams come from lower divisions as winners, their mentally is very good. It happened the same last season with Wigan.

“When you lose international matches, you come back unhappy and it is not so easy. But I have to fight against that. Now is the time for them to think about Chelsea and think about getting results.

“Ashley Cole comes back injured and we are probably without him for the game tomorrow, but that is part of the international fixtures. Almost every big club with a lot of international players has similar problems.”