Mourinho and Coppell on Petr Cech incident

The Chelsea boss is not happy with Reading's Stephen Hunt who collided with Cech.

Jose Mourinho

"The first one was unbelievable. The goalkeeper has the ball in his hands, slides and the number 10 cannot get the ball. He goes with the knee into his face."If his head bones are not broken then he is a lucky boy. It was a very bad challenge. He was completely knocked out in the dressing room and went to hospital.

"I'm not saying his intention was to send my keeper to hospital. But it was a very stupid challenge - one for the authorities to look at in the same way they looked at Ben Thatcher on Pedro Mendes.

"You see players avoiding the keeper by jumping or going with the foot for the ball but when a player goes with the knee direct to the face he doesn't want to avoid him.

"After that he turned, came back and was laughing right in front of us. He was motivating his people but gave not one single sign that he was worried about the situation."

Steve Coppell has defended his player

"It was the first minute of the game and I have a player who has been desperate to play for a long time," said Coppell. "It was a greasy surface and I think he does have a right to be there or thereabouts.

"I know 100 percent for sure there was no intent but there was undoubtedly a heavy collision. I can understand what he is saying but there is no way Hunty went in there to try to damage the goalkeeper.

"The referee was in a great position to see the incident. He was 10 yards away and didn't book him.

"Jose said something to Hunty but if he was laughing there is no way he was laughing at that. Nobody at this club likes to see anybody injured. Not one of my players would laugh at anyone being injured - guaranteed."