Manager's comments after Reading's win over Charlton

"We were worthy of the victory. At 1-0 they were just beginning to come into the game so obviously the second goal was a great relief.

"Before the match it had been the first time we had been looked at as possible favourites and there were a lot of things that had made me uneasy.

"But right from the first whistle we did ever so well and we were always a little bit ahead in every department, which in the end told."

Les Reed

"I am very disappointed with the result and I'm definitely not pleased with our first-half performance. We were very disjointed - a bit like rabbits in the headlights.

"We have to put that right. We didn't play at all in the first half and although our game was better in the second half we were still not productive enough. We didn't create goalscoring opportunities.

"We have got to be committed to some hard work over the next week. The first half was a very confused performance and I have learned an awful lot about the players, about their characters."