Hunt wants to get on with playing football

Stephen Hunt has been speaking to the Reading Chronicle in between the games against Chelsea last weekend and Arsenal this weekend.

"I don't know if I'll play against Arsenal but obviously I hope so. I thought I did myself justice in the Chelsea game so hopefully the manager will stick with me and show some faith.

"But I think Bobby Convey is fit again so it's down to the gaffer."

"All I can do is be ready and I am. I have no problem with the mental side of the game because I know I did nothing wrong.

"I can deal with it. I don't think I'll be targeted by fans in the future, though they may give me a bit more attention. However, I can handle that side of things pretty well."

"I just want to forget about it now and get on with playing football," he told The Chronicle. "The main thing is Petr Cech will be okay. That's all that really matters.

"If I could change what happened I would. But I can't. The whole club and everyone else who knows me has shown me terrific support.

"Even 99% of people who don't know me have supported me. I'm an honest bloke. I will always give 100% for my team because that's the way I am.

"But I don't try and injure play-ers. What happened was a terrible accident.

"Jose Mourinho is looking after his players which I understand. That's his job. But no way did I think the whole thing would blow up like it has.

"But, as I've always said, it doesn't matter what people say or think about me. All that matters is that Petr Cech will be okay."