Hughes: Leicester Away Is A Massive Game

Andy Hughes
Hughes battles for the ball
Reading midfielder Andy Hughes knows that he and his team mates will have to put in a good performance if they are to get anything out of tomorrow's game at Leicester.

The Foxes, who will be missing several players through injury, will dearly want to get a result after collpasing 6-1 at Ipswich last weekend.

Prior to their uncharacteristic thrashing last weekend the Midlands based side had a 100% record in the Division having been Watford 2-0 and Stoke 1-0.

Hughes told that to get a result at Leicester is no easy task: "It's going to be a massive game considering they got beat by Ipswich. They will be up for it and wanting to make amends for what happened last week.

"I was shocked to hear that last weekend the Foxes should have been 3-0 up against Ipswich and they had more chances that their counterparts over the course of the game.

"We'll be well aware of them all. A lot of footballers are aware of top class players, you know what we're going to be up against having watched these players at other clubs. I've watched Leicester play in the Premiership and win the Worthington Cup - they are a good team.

"We are going there to hopefully get a result. Every game of the season thats what the manager wants us to do. When the team plays well everybody plays well.

"We have done all right so far this season. It's like what the manager says - it's finding the fine line between making mistakes and not making mistakes. If we cut that out then we have a chance of not getting beat.

"I feel that I have done OK so far this season. I would like to get a few more shots on target and have a few more chances. It's true, the higher you step up the harder it is to get chances, so we'll just have to keep working at that."