Hahnemann Speaks Out!

On Wednesday night David James was keeping goal for England as they overcame Liechtenstein 2-0 at Old Trafford. At the same time Royals number one Marcus Hahnemann was probably watching the game at home on the tele.

David James or so he thinks...
In an interview with the official site, Hahnemann spoke of of how he sees similarities between himself and England number one David James.

"He's a great guy and I look forward to playing against him. He's the best keeper in England, and has a great attitude and work ethic. He's also a good kicker of the ball, which I tend to think I am too," explained the Royals keeper.

We will stop short of comparing Calamity James' mistakes with those Mr Hahnemann so often makes when dealing with crosses...

Yet Marcus was forthright in his opinions and concluded that David "has shown a great deal of loyalty to West Ham and has stated 'I'm happy to stay and get us back in the Premiership' ".

A similar display of loyalty from the Reading fans favourite would be perfect tonic for the week of crushed allegiences we have had to endure.

Reading MAD appreciate the comparison and trust that Marcus is implicitly saying he too will be loyal and stick with Reading - contrary to some of the silly stories flying around about how many Royals will follow Pards.

Let us not forget Alan Pardew who so recently pledged his own loyalty to Reading Football Club before leaving. We dodn't want any of that Marcus.

At Reading MAD we're hoping he knows the true meaning of the word 'loyalty' even if some others appear to have forgotten it...