Coppell speaks about FA charges

Last updated : 26 January 2007 By Angus Muller
"I'm surprised," Coppell told Reading's official website. "That's the best way to put it.

"At this stage I don't want to say a great deal, we've got to make our own mind up internally. I've had a brief chat with Wally and we'll discuss it with the Chairman and Chief Exec.

"Given the weight of charges I think we will take it further [with a personal hearing]. That's not a guarantee, just my assumption at the moment."

He continued, "A sequence of events took place, and that whole sequence has to be taken into account. We have to decide what to do, but given the charges made by the FA we are surprised.

"I've seen the reports from the referee and fourth official, and seeing them compounds the surprise.

"Our first priortity before we do anything is Saturday's game, then we'll look at it and let our feelings known. We want those feelings to go to the FA first, not anybody else.

"We're not going to plead guilty, so we've got to pursue it further."

The boss reaffirmed that there will be no internal action taken, saying, "There won't be anything internal, we won't be fining anybody in relation to that incident.

"We're on the telly more, so you have to be mindful as role models. It's important to strive to be one."