Coppell praise for Sven

"Sven has shown what a terrific manager he is," stated Coppell. "It is ironic at this particular moment in time after his history within the English game.

"If he had not already been England manager he would have been the perfect candidate. He has all the credentials you are looking for. He has performed at European level to the highest level and still has a real appetite for the game.

"Just because he doesn't jump up and down on the touchline doesn't mean he has no passion. His team shows his passion. He doesn't have to do anything on the touchline and that's a sign of good management."

Coppell takes his Reading side to Manchester tomorrow to face a team with a 100% home league record this season. Man City are 3rd in the table behind Arsenal and Man Utd and with Ericsson in charge are having a superb season so far.