Coppell making history every week

Not many people (none) give Reading much chance against the Gunners tonight but for Coppell just being here and competing means so much.

"I am fortunate here in that it is our second season in the top division in 138 years. We are making history every week so from that point of view I am proud of the general achievement.

"But if you lose it is painful. From what I am told, Arsene Wenger when he loses is not much fun to be around. As for Sir Alex (Ferguson), I can only imagine what it is like when he does."

Coppell admitted the fixture's timing had also been playing on his mind a little.

"It's always funny playing on a Monday as your body clock tells you Saturday is the day to aim for and you have to push everything back.

"But we have an international break afterwards so it doesn't jam our week up for the next game so there is no real problem - although we also have longer to contemplate the opposition."

Arsene Wenger