Brannigans Break-Dancer Hughes Revels In Match Winner

Harper & Hughes
Hughes (left) in training with James Harper

Hughes scored for the second time this season, heading home in the second half, but fans who forget the midfielder's match winner will remember his latest goal-scoring celebration.

After heading home, Hughes ran to the East Stand before break-dancing for the delirious fans. The eccentric 25-year-old, who once featured on They Think It's All Over due to his wild goal celebrations, explained his latest bizarre concoction after today's game.

"That was for the boys on Radio Berkshire," he said to the official site.

"They've given me a bit of stick so I went up there and gave them some banter, and told them next time I score I'll do some break-dancing for you. It comes naturally – I do it in Brannigan's!"

Reading fans must hope that Hughes only has soft-drinks when in Brannigan's as professional sportsmen have to do their utmost to maintain their physical condition.

Whatever the recipe to his success, the former Notts County man got it right today, heading home John Salako's free kick from six yards. Reliving the goal he remarked: "I managed to get around the back of Jarrett, who was marking me, and it was a good ball from Sal with real pace so there was some confusion, and I had to dive for it but the pace of the ball took it in."